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 Quotes - Citati

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Tru Samantha Lopilato


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PostSubject: Quotes - Citati   Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:42 am

Ovde postavite citate iz serije


Tru: What can you say about a woman who comes in with a bullet in her neck?
Davis: That she's dead?

Tru: What's the score?
Gary: Seven-one, Sox. Top of the ninth.
Tru: I'll bet you $100 they lose.
Gary: What, are you crazy?
Tru: Maybe. Don't know yet.

Meredith: So, what's Harrison's excuse this time? A girl? A truckload of DVDs? A girl with a truckload of DVDs?

Davis: You ever been to a morgue before?
Tru: Just once, when I was 12.
Davis: Well, that sounds like a story. Are you sure you're interested in wor... in working here? Because, I'll be honest, uh most girls as pretty as you that come here...well they're...they're dead.

Davis: Tru, why do I think you're not telling me the truth?
Tru: I know I shouldn't have looked through the files. I just have a few questions.
Davis: Oh what? About unsolved murders?
Tru: Exactly.
Davis: So let me get this straight. In the eight hours since you've started working here, you've decided to solve old cases? It's very ambitious. You know what I did today? I bought socks.

Tru: I've got a drinking game. It's called "you graduated from college and your family didn't show up".
Cameron: Your drinking game is next on Doctor Phil.
Lindsay: I'm so sorry Tru. I know they miss all your track meets but...
Tru: To be expected... Harrison probably met a girl, Meredith probably met a client, and my father...
Lindsay: No acknowledgment of children from his first marriage.

Tru (at her mother's grave): It's been the strangest day. An understatement, I know. Did you have anything to do with it? I don't know. I only know... I wish this day had come 10 years earlier. Then maybe I could've saved you too. Instead I'll wait... for others. Some who have needed me longer than most. So maybe I couldn't save you. Maybe, just maybe... this is your way of saving me.

postavitju josh sutra
sad je.....malo kasno xD
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Quotes - Citati
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